What Does F4 Do in Excel When Pressed

By | June 11, 2020

What does F4 do in Excel when pressed?

Microsoft Excel professional users may already be very familiar with the use of keyboard shortcuts. The goal is, of course, to save time in carrying out work orders in Microsoft Excel. But for ordinary users, maybe the use of shortcuts is not widely known. In fact, using the shortcut will certainly speed up their work. For example, using the F4 key in Excel can save you energy in doing work in Microsoft Excel. Wow, how come it’s like that?

Curious? Take it easy, we will explain briefly and clearly in this article about what the F4 key will do in Microsoft Excel.

What Does F4 Do in Excel When Pressed

Have you ever worked on a document in Excel, where there is one item/format that has to be worked on repeatedly? Once or twice we think you will, right? Well, this is where the role of the F4 key will help you guys.

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For example, you have set the font color for one cell and several other cells also require setting the letter. By using the F4 key, you can apply the last command (change in font color) to several other cells, so the results are the same.

The essence of the function of the F4 key in Excel is to repeat the last actions/commands that you do on a Microsoft Excel worksheet. You can repeat the last command as many times as you want until a new command enters the worksheet. That’s the working system of the F4 button in Excel.

How to use the F4 key in Excel

No need to be too complicated to think about how to use the F4 key in Microsoft Excel. Because the way is very easy, just by pressing the F4 key on the keyboard. And if the F4 key has been pressed and does not produce any effect, there may be different treatment on the computer. Usually, the function keys (F1-F12) on a laptop will function if pressed together with the “fn” button. So, please try it.

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Please try it first and if you experience difficulties regarding this problem please contact us via comments or contact us.

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