What Does CTRL Z Do And Is Opposite of CTRL Z?

By | April 14, 2020

How often do you use the CTRL Z hotkey?

We think it must be very often. Mistyping, press CTRL Z. Incorrect edit, press CTRL Z. And other errors in processing data on the computer, often press CTRL Z to return to the previous step.

Unintentionally, maybe you already know what the function of CTRL Z. Yes, the function of this hotkey is to go back one step or more from the operations we have done in computer applications.

What Does CTRL Z Do?

CTRL Z is a keyboard shortcut, while the official name of this command is Undo.

This command is almost certain to exist in every application that runs on a computer, either with the Windows operating system or with other operating systems.

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Well, now we understand first, what does CTRL Z do on the work we do with computer applications?

CTRL Z or Undo will take you back to one step before you are currently in a computer application operation.

In other words, you can go back to the past, but the computer operation, not you who go back to the past.

You press CTRL Z once, your operation will go one step back. You press CTRL Z once again, then you will go back one more step. And so on if you press and hold CTRL Z until the operation history stored in the system runs out and cannot be backed up again.

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That’s how the CTRL Z or Undo system works, which can make your operations on the computer go backwards.

Is opposite of CTRL Z?

If you use CTRL Z or Undo to go back, of course you will also need a command to return to the front after using CTRL Z.

The command that is the opposite of CTRL Z is named Redo.

Similar to Undo which has an Undo shortcut on the keyboard, Redo also has a Redo shortcut on the keyboard. You can read more about CTRL Z opposite in our article about Redo Keyboard Shortcut.

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