What does ALT F4 Do on Your Windows?

By | April 15, 2020

Are you Windows users?

And have you ever used the ALT + F4 key combination on the keyboard?

What have you experienced when pressing this combination button?

The ALT + F4 key combination in Windows is a very useful key shortcut. By utilizing this combination key, you can close the application in a fast way without a mouse. In fact, you can also use this button to restart, shutdown, or log off the Windows system.

What does ALT F4 do on your Windows?

There are several things that can be done by this combination key. However, the core of the operation is to close an operation.

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  • If you open an application and the application is running, the application will close when you press the ALT + F4 combination button.
  • If you press the ALT + F4 combination key several times and all running applications have closed, then the last Windows Shutdown dialog box will appear. You can choose operations such as Restart, Shutdown, or Log Off.

In conclusion, what ALT + F4 does is close the current application and will close all subsequent applications sequentially. And if there are no open applications, then the next operation is to close Windows (Shutdown, Restart, or Log Off).

So, now you already know what ALT F4 does to your Windows when pressed.

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You should be careful using this combination button. Save the data that you have made in the application first.

If you want to turn off the ALT + F4 feature, we will share the upcoming opportunity.

Thus our explanation of what ALT F4 does on the Windows operating system.

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