How to Update Microsoft Office 2016 and Above on Windows 10

By | June 11, 2020

Update Microsoft Office? You really need to do it to get the latest features and fix some bugs that have been found.

To be able to update Microsoft Office, the Microsoft Office application that has been installed on the computer must be activated with a legal license. This update is one of the advantages of using an officially licensed application. You will get full support for the improvements and problems contained in the application.

	how to update Microsoft office

How to Update Microsoft Office on Windows 10?

If your Microsoft Office has been activated, you can try to update it. You can follow the steps below:

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  1. Connect the computer to the internet and make sure the connection runs smoothly. The faster the internet connection, the better.
  2. Open an application from Microsoft Office. For example, Microsoft Office Excel.
  3. Make a worksheet in Microsoft Excel by clicking the Blank workbook.
  4. Click the File menu, then select the Account menu.
  5. Pay attention to the right bar, in the Office Updates feature section. You click the Update Options section and select Update Now.
  6. The Microsoft Office update process will begin and you only need to wait until the process is complete and bring up the information that the update is complete.
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You will need a few minutes to update this Microsoft Office. This can take longer if it’s been updated for a long time.

If the update is complete, you should restart the computer/laptop. Then try to run one application from Microsoft Office and feel the difference.

Good luck and hopefully useful!

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