[SOLVED] Troubleshooting 100% Disk Usage in Windows 10

By | September 24, 2021

100% Disk Usage in Windows 10.

This problem arises for various reasons. And if it’s 100% disk usage like this, the computer/laptop will be very slow in operation.

The fastest solution to solve this 100% disk usage problem is to restart Windows. However, this solution is only temporary because the main cause has not been fixed.

However, we should know why this 100% disk usage problem occurs and what causes it. By knowing the causes, we will be able to take the appropriate action to overcome it.

Causes of 100% Disk Usage Problem on Windows 10

Previously we need to understand, the 100% disk usage problem on Windows 10 can be caused by internal factors and external factors.

The internal factor that causes this problem is related to the features in Windows 10 itself. There are many features that access the hard drive continuously or periodically. Examples of these features include Windows Update, Windows Search, and Superfetch Service. Hard disk access capacity by this feature is in the high category and is periodic.

The three examples of these features do have a very important function for the Windows 10 that we use. However, when this application is operating, we need to manage hard disk access.

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Switch to the cause of the problem 100% disk usage from external factors. We call these external factors into two parts, namely: software and hardware.

The software problem here is software from other parties, such as: browser applications, word processing applications, image processing applications, video processing applications, and others. These applications sometimes crash which can cause the hard disk access to be too high.

In addition to these legal applications, sometimes the 100% disk usage problem is caused by malware, spyware, viruses, worms, and others. But if you use an up-to-date antivirus, this cause is minimal.

For hardware problems, the main cause of 100% disk usage from this category is the hard disk performance has decreased or there are bad sectors. If you have a hardware problem like this, the best solution is to immediately backup your important data and replace it with a new hard drive.

Then, what most often causes this problem?

From our experience so far using Windows 10, the most common cause of the 100% disk usage problem is the Windows Update feature running automatically in the background.

When we use some applications that initially run smoothly with normal hard disk access, it will suddenly go up drastically when the Windows Update feature is running. If it’s like that, we have to wait and be patient with the halting process until the Windows update process is complete.

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The solution?

The solution to solve the 100% disk usage problem in Windows 10 caused by the Windows Update feature is to disable the feature. But if it is disabled, your Windows 10 will not be able to receive the latest updates from Microsoft as the maker.

So how best?

Our advice, make an update schedule for Windows 10 that is not expected to interfere with your work. Or another way, set the Windows Update feature from automatic to manual. So Windows Update will run if you open it manually.

Then, how to set the Windows Update feature to manual? Please read here.

So, that was our explanation about the 100% disk usage problem on Windows 10 which almost all Windows 10 users experience. Especially those whose laptops/computers only have 4GB of RAM and below.

Hope it is useful.

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